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February 4, 2018

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Please let me know ASAP if you encounter any problems with the website, especially if you get an error message on an otherwise blank page. Sometimes I make a mistake when doing an upgrade on one spot, and don't test all paths to the page like I should.

Upcoming Meets

Maybe in two weeks? I will update this page when I have a better idea about my next trip down.

Gallery Updates

The photos from the February 3, Fox Ridge Farm Hunt are posted.

The photos from the December 23, Fiery Farm Hunt are posted.

The photos from the December 2, Horseshoe Farm Hunt are posted.

The Thanksgiving photos are posted. Once again, I think Elena is getting some very nice photos, and I hope that you agree with me.

The photos from the November 11th Joint Meet with Keswick Hunt Club are posted.

I have posted the few photos from the >November 4th hunt from Redgate.

The photos from the 63rd Virigina Field Hunter Championships on November 5th at Will Coleman's beautiful Tivoli Farm are posted. I hope that you will enjoy the photos, and I need to also thank Elena who helped me cover the event.

The photos from Opening Meet, are posted. I hope that you are enjoying the photos.

I created a new "gallery" which will consist of ten random images from what I consider my best photos over the last thirty years or so of taking photos with Farmington. I hope that you like it.

The 2017 Puppy Show photos are now posted. I hope that you will enjoy them.

Remember to folow the Catherine Summers' Photography Facebook page for updates to the galleries and other news. If you follow my Facebook page, you will learn about these updates as soon as the galleries are posted.

The shopping cart and checkout process should now be working. Please let me know if you have any additional problems or can suggest any additional improvements.

I have tried to work out a few bugs in the ordering system, and I tried to implement a few improvements. Photos that are in your cart are now surrounded with a blue border, and there is a Buy button now in the gallery view. If you are looking at the photos on a desktop computer, I suggest setting the images per page to a large number, like 500, to get all of the thumbnails displayed at the same time, and then you can toggel the images per row using the buttons at the bottom of the page to see larger thumbnails to compare images or smaller thumbnails to see more of the gallery at the same time without scrolling. Remember als that you can click on the small "+" sign in the top right corner to expand the thumbnail holder to the full width of your window.

If you don't want to use the online ordering system, I have created a new way for you to send me your shopping cart in an email. You will find that option on the checkout page.


I offer both prepackaged sets of note and greeting cards, and you can make your own collections. The minimum order is eight cards, and each image has to be used at least twice. For example, you can chose four images to get a set of eight or twelve cards, six images to get a set of twelve cards, or eight images if you're going to order multiple boxes. I normally sell cards in sets of eight or twelve physical cards with one extra envelope. Note cards (4.25 x 5.5) are $2.50 each when you order eight or more cards, and greeting cards (5 x 7 or 5.5 x 8.5) are $5.00 each when you order eight or more cards.

I have these three collections of some of my favorite hunting images: Classic Images, Recent Hunt Images, and Four Foxes, of cards ready to go. I always try to have a few sets with me at most hunts, but it is probably best to order them in advance.

Email me with a list of your favorite images, or just add your favorites to your shopping cart, and then let me know that you want cards instead of 4x6 prints.


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