Last updated on March 31, 2024

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  • 2017 VA Field Hunter Championships

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    I hope that you enjoyed yourselves this season, and I will keep you posted if I will be at any Hunt Club events before the next season begins in September.

    Gallery Updates

    My photos from the 2023 - 2024 Last Meet at Millington on March 24th are posted.

    My photos from the February 10th Joint Meet with Keswick at Millington are posted.

    Here is the video I posted to Facebook with some of my favorite photos from the first day of Cubbing on Labor Day through the "Christmas Eve" hunt on December 23rd.

    My photos from the December 30th Hunt at School House Field are posted.

    My photos from the December 23rd Hunt at Millington are posted.

    My photos from the December 16th Hunt at Indian Echo are posted.

    My photos from the December 2nd Hunt at Overstreet's are posted.

    My photos from the 2023 Thanksgiving Meet at Mint Meadows on 11/23/2023 are posted.

    My photos from the 2023 Opening Meet at Millington on 11/11/2023 are posted.

    My photos from the Hunting at Castle Hill meet with Farmington's hounds at Keswick on 10/28/2023 are posted.

    My photos from the Virginia Hunt Week - Cubbing at Overstreets meet on 10/19/2023 are posted.

    My photos from Cubbing at The Barracks on 9/9/2023 are posted.

    My photos from the First Day of Cubbing from Millington on 9/4/2023 are posted.

    Use the list under the 2022-2023, et cetera, heading in the dropdown lists above or to the right to find the galleries for meets from the 2022-2023 season.

    I've added an alias table to my database, so now you can enter a URL like https://www.CathySummers.com/Opening-Meet-2014 directly into your browser's address window instead of having to remember that Opening Meet of 2014 was on November 8th from Mint Meadows. The best way to find a particular meet is still to use the dropdown lists under each season in the sidebar on the right, or at the top of the page if you're viewing this page on a phone, and you can use the gallery search page to get for example all hunts from Mint Meadows.

    Remember to follow the Catherine Summers' Photography Facebook page for updates to the galleries and other news. If you follow my Facebook page, you will learn about these updates as soon as the galleries are posted.

    I made a change to how you can order prints or electronic copies of the photos. Now, when you click on a thumbnail to see a larger view of a photo and click on the "Buy a Print / Copy" button, the form from the Buy a Print page opens within the window. Once you make you selection and click the "Add 2 Cart" button, the photo is added to your cart without taking you to the shopping cart page, so you can keep on browsing in the current gallery.

    Photos that are already in your cart are surrounded with a blue border, and there is a Buy button now in the gallery view, which takes you to the full Buy a Print page that contains the form as well as the print size and option price table. If you are looking at the photos on a desktop computer, I suggest setting the images per page to a large number, like 500, to get all of the thumbnails displayed at the same time, and then you can toggle the images per row using the buttons at the bottom of the page to see larger thumbnails to compare images or smaller thumbnails to see more of the gallery at the same time without scrolling. Remember also that you can click on the small "+" sign in the top right corner to expand the thumbnail holder to the full width of your window.

    If you don't want to use the online ordering system, I have created a new way for you to send me your shopping cart in an email. You will find that option on the checkout page.


    I offer both prepackaged sets of note and greeting cards, and you can make your own collections. The minimum order is eight cards, and each image has to be used at least twice. For example, you can chose four images to get a set of eight or twelve cards, six images to get a set of twelve cards, or eight images if you're going to order multiple boxes. I normally sell cards in sets of eight or twelve physical cards with one extra envelope. Note cards (4.25 x 5.5) are $2.50 each when you order eight or more cards, and greeting cards (5 x 7 or 5.5 x 8.5) are $5.00 each when you order eight or more cards.

    I have these three collections of some of my favorite hunting images: Classic Images, Recent Hunt Images, and Four Foxes, of cards ready to go. I always try to have a few sets with me at most hunts, but it is probably best to order them in advance.

    Email me with a list of your favorite images, or just add your favorites to your shopping cart, and then let me know that you want cards instead of 4x6 prints.


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