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Sample Collages and Team Photos

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Team Photo Collage
Dive Team Collage
A Year' Best
Collage with Action Photo
Senior Swimmer team Photo Collage
Mako Seniors 2012/2013
Mako Seniors 2015/2016
Dive Team 2013
Dive team 2018
Swim Team 2014
Swim Team 2018
Swim Sisters
Brother and Sister
Super Swimmers
Swim Coach
Swim Coach
Swim Coach

Thank you for your interest in having me take photos of your Swim or Dive team and swimmer or diver portraits. Please read on and then Contact me to request a date or get additional information.

I normally offer two options for team photo sessions. In the first and most popular option, the team will pay a small fee for my time and receive both physical and electronic copies of your selected team photo, and then parents will purchase prints through my website. In the second option, the team will pay a larger fee and get full electronic copies of all of the images, and then the team will handle making and distributing prints to the families.

For both options, I will create an online signup page your parents should use to request a portrait of their child or children. With the signup, I can make sure that I get a portrait of everyone who wants a portrait while not wasting time for those swimmers or divers who want to join their teammates for whatever fun activity folows the team photos. I normally do the portraits in the order in which I received the request, and I normally ask for a volunteer or coach to keep the waiting swimmers or divers in the proper order.

Also with both options, I include minor digital editing for example to replace a face or two to get the best possible team photo.

Team photos will contain an overlay with the team name, division and the current year. I normally use a color from the team shirts or from some other item of team apparel or equipment with the team colors. You can also provide me with digital samples of the color or colors you want for the text.

I am also available to photograph your team's meets to capture action photos of your swimmers. Action photos make a great option, instead of a portrait, for team photo collages. Contact me if you are interested in this service.

Team Photo Print Prices:

Image Size Print Matting Framing
Pre-Order Regular
8 x 10 Print 8.50 10.00 30.00 115.00
11 x 14 Print 13.00 15.00 40.00 150.00
Magnets (5x7 approx) 5.00 6.00 NA NA

Individual / Family Portrait Print Prices:

Image Size Quantity Matting Framing
1 2 or More1
4 x 6 Prints 3.00 2.00 NA NA
4 x 6 ePrint2 (1440 x 960 pixels) 5.00 NA NA NA
5 x 7 Print 7.50 5.00 25.00 100.00
5 x 7 ePrint (1680 x 1200 pixels) 20.00 NA NA NA
8 x 10 Print 10.00 7.50 30.00 115.00
8 x 10 ePrint (2400 x 1920 pixels) 30.00 NA NA NA
11 x 14 Print 17.50 12.50 40.00 150.00
11 x 14 Collage 22.50 15.00 40.00 150.00
12 x 18 Collage 25.00 17.50 45.00 200.00


  1. Quantity discount for two or more prints of the same image.
  2. ePrints are files without the visible copyright watermark, and you can make as many copies of the file as you want.
  3. I no longer am offering magnets for swimmer portraits. You can buy an ePrint and then order your own magnets online.