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Sample Collages and Team Photos

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Team Photo Collage
Dive Team Collage
A Year' Best
Collage with Action Photo
Senior Swimmer team Photo Collage
Mako Seniors 2012/2013
Mako Seniors 2015/2016
Dive Team 2013
Dive team 2018
Swim Team 2014
Swim Team 2018
Swim Sisters
Brother and Sister
Super Swimmers
Swim Coach
Swim Coach
Swim Coach

The NVSL has cancelled the 2020 summer swim season, so I am offering "Social Distancing" compliant "team photos" this year. Please read on and then Contact me to request a date or get additional information.

To comply with the social distancing guidelines, I can take individaul portraits of your senior swimmers at your pool, and then I will digitally composite them into a single image. We can arrange the swimmers in various spots around or in the pool for the "team" photo composite and to remind future generations of the steps taken to keep us all safe this year, or we can arrange them in a tight cluster as though they were all together for the team photo, for example if your standard team photo always features the seniors in a prominent location, like the Lee Graham Seniors on the top of the high dive in some of the examples. If your senior swimmers have sibligs on the team, I can include the siblings in the composite or as a separate portrait of your senior swimmer.

The fee will depend upon the number of senior swimmers, and any other swimmers or coaches you want to include in the team photo composite. As is my usual practice, your team will get one 8x10 print and an electronic copy of the team photo for your pool records. You can also purchase copies of the team photos or order collages with the senior's individaul portrait and the team photo to give to your seniors, or leave the purchase of the collages to the swimmers' parents. We will agree upon a price before scheduling the session.

Team photos will contain an overlay with the team name, division and the current year. I normally use a color from the team shirts or from some other item of team apparel or equipment with the team colors. You can also provide me with digital samples of the color or colors you want for the text.

Team Photo Print Prices:

Image Size Print Matting Framing
Pre-Order Regular
8 x 10 Print 8.50 10.00 30.00 115.00
11 x 14 Print 13.00 15.00 40.00 150.00
Magnets (5x7 approx) 5.00 6.00 NA NA

Individual / Family Portrait Print Prices:

Image Size Quantity Matting Framing
1 2 or More1
4 x 6 Prints 3.00 2.00 NA NA
4 x 6 ePrint2 (1440 x 960 pixels) 5.00 NA NA NA
5 x 7 Print 7.50 5.00 25.00 100.00
5 x 7 ePrint (1680 x 1200 pixels) 20.00 NA NA NA
8 x 10 Print 10.00 7.50 30.00 115.00
8 x 10 ePrint (2400 x 1920 pixels) 30.00 NA NA NA
11 x 14 Print 17.50 12.50 40.00 150.00
11 x 14 Collage 22.50 15.00 40.00 150.00
12 x 18 Collage 25.00 17.50 45.00 200.00


  1. Quantity discount for two or more prints of the same image.
  2. ePrints are files without the visible copyright watermark, and you can make as many copies of the file as you want.
  3. I no longer am offering magnets for swimmer portraits. You can buy an ePrint and then order your own magnets online.