Use the form below to search for an individual photo or a group of photos by keyword(s) or keyword phrase(s) and other optional criteria to further narrow the results. I have almost 27,000 public images on my website, and some images show up in more than one gallery, so I created this form and page to help you find an image or images without having to remember in which gallery you found the image on a previous visit, or for the new visitor to search for something specific without visiting multiple galleries.


The first Keyword / Keyword Phrase is required unless you're searching by filename or caption.

Keywords are individual words like "rose", "pink", "reflection", "rain", and Keyword Phrases should be two or more words like "Great Falls", "White Mountains" or "Jefferson Memorial".

Usually, the more keywords you provide, the better the match will be and fewer images you will have to look through.

After you enter a keyword or keyword phrase, you can also select any of "Rating / My Stars", "Year" or "Orientation" to additionally narrow your results. I assign higher ratings/stars to what I consider are my better photos. The Year is for the year I took the original photo, or the year I created a manipulated image based upon a photo. Orientation is whether the image is horizontal / landscape, vertical / portrait or is cropped as a square.

To search by filename, you should enter the exact name of the file; sorry no close matching like '20190406'. To search by caption, the algorithim will check for matches with the entered text as a substring, but not using the individaul words entered as separate tokens.

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