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Monuments & Memorials
Yellowstone 2019
Modified Images
Rainy Autumn Day at the Tidal Basin
Launcing for an early Morning Row on the Potomac River at Key Bridge
Early Morning Rower on the Potomac River at Key Bridge
Sunrise Through the Bare Trees, the Mist and Clouds on a Late November Morning
Washington Monument and the Watergate reflected in the Potomac River Before Sunrise
Getting Ready for an Early Morning Row on the Potomac River at Key Bridge
Golden Leaves and a Long Exposure at Great Falls of the Potomac on an Autumn Morning: Great Falls National Park, Virginia
Storm Clearing over the Tetons on an Autumn Afternoon: Grand Teton National Park
Horses in Pasture with the Tetons on an Early Autumn Morning: Grand Teton National Park
Fall Colors and Reflections on the Swift River #1: White Mountains, New Hampshire
Frozen Leaf & Reflections: White Mountains, New Hampshire
Fall Colors - Swift River Reflections #10: White Mountains, New Hampshire
Moonrise at Seneca Rocks: Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
Autumn Maples and Evergreens in the Wind (Multiple Exposure): Dolly Sods, West Virginia
Heron and Reflection in the C&O Canal at Widewater #1: C&O Canal National Historic Park, Maryland
Dogwood in Field #1: Albemarle County, Virginia
Washington Monument and Reflections in the Tidal Basin, on an Autumn Morning - #1: Washington, DC
Maple Leaf on Black: Virginia
Long Exposure to Blur the Water - Rose River - 1/5 Seconds with no Filter: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
Water Pours Over a Rock Ledge - South Fork of Moormans River: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
Fishing on the North Fork of the Sun River just above the Gorge: Bob Marshal Wilderness, Montana
Moon and Climbers: Arches National Park
Sunlight Breaks Through onto Balanced Rock: Arches National Park
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River: Yellowstone National Park
Dawn Colored Clouds over the Tetons and Snake River: Grand Teton National Park
Horses in Pasture with the Tetons on an Early Autumn Morning: Grand Teton National Park
Bull Elk in Yellowstone: Yellowstone National Park
Grazing Bison in a Gyser Basin Along the Firehole River: Yellowstone National Park
Red Fox Walking on Snow: Falls Church, Virginia
Red Fox Kit Outside Their Den Under my Shed: Falls Church, Virginia
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Family on an Autumn Afternoon
Moonset & Memorial: Washington, DC
Remember: Rose at The Wall: Washington, DC
Moonrise at USMC Memorial: Washington, DC
Martin Luther King Memorial and Full Moon at Dawn #2: Washington, DC
Washington Monument and Reflections in the Tidal Basin, on an Autumn Morning - #1: Washington, DC
Fireworks, Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument #10 (B&W):  Washington, DC
US Capitol and Reflection at Dawn: Washington, DC
Otters on the Ice - Yellowstone River Above the Falls
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River from Lookout Point
Trumpeter Swans on the Yellowstone River
Bison in Hayden Valley
Rime Ice Covered Tree Emerges from the Steam on the Firehole River
Winter Reflections in the Firehole River
Circumzenithal Arc in the Blowing Ice Crystals Above a Backlit, Rime Ice Dusted Pine tree
Lower Falls of the Firehole River on a Winter Afternoon
Bull Moose Foraging in the Willows Along the Lamar River
Timber Wolf on Road - Lamar Valley
Sun Through the Steam and Pine Trees at Black Sand Basin / Bison Composite
Rime Ice Covered Tree at Mud Volcano - HDR Effect
Petrified Trees in the Snow - Partial Pencil Effect
Winter Twilight in Paradise Valley - Dry Brush Effect
Barn at Dawn with a Dusting of Snow on the Blue Ridge Mountains - Edited
Hilltoppers on Fox Ridge Driveway - Oil Paint Effect
Doug Gordon at 1983 Slalom World Championships - Dry Brush Effect
Rock Climber #1: Great Falls National Park, Virginia - Oil Paint Effect
Breaststroke Swimmer - Pencil Effect
Orange Day Lily with Water Droplets & Fireworks Composite

November 29, 2020


With the very real threat of the Coronavirus, I will not be holding my usual holiday open house, but I will still be offering slae prices on all of my Framed Prints (prices as shown), Note and Greeeting Card collections, and existing prints at 25% off for local pick-up or delivery to a FHC meet between now and Christmas Eve.

For anyone who wants or needs a new holiday family portrait, I have some telephoto lenses and there are plenty of open air, and not too crowded spots, for your new portrait or portraits. See my Portraits page for additional information.

Orionid Meteorites - Composite Photo
I have created a new gallery for my Milky Way and other astrophotography images, most of which you can still find in the Moon & Stars gallery for now. I will probably start reducing some of the "duplicate", Millky Way and other moonless photos in the Moon & Stars gallery. While the Milky Way season is drawing to a close as the galactic center will soon set before sunset, I have a new Nikon extra wide zoom that I am itching to use in a few weeks when we get past Halloween's full moon.

White Tail Buck at Big Meadows
I recently added several new photos of the deer at Big Meadows to my Wildlife gallery. The deer at Big meadows seem to always be grazing in the late afternoon when i'm up there for sunset and other photos. The wildlife gallery also is a home to the bird photos I've been taking in my backyard during this stay at home period and other local wildlife that doesn't fit in the Wilderness category or I have trimmed from the Wilderness gallery. I still have the separate galleries for my Abbott Lane Foxes and the Lamar Valley Wolf Photos from January First, 2020.

sunset colors lighting Yosemite Valley
During the stay at home period, I have scanned and uploaded a lot of images from places like Mount Baker, Yosemite National Park, the California coast, and spots closer to home. Check out the New Images, Wilderness, and Ocean Images galleries in particular. I will aslo be adding a few more slalom races and other kayaking and canoeing photos in the Whitewater galleries in the next few days.

Stars Over Big Meadows
I created two new galleries for my Sunrises and Sunsets and Moon & Stars photos since the Sun & Moon was getting a bit too big. For now, there is considerable overlap betweent the "parent" and "child" galleries, but I will be thinning out the Sun and Moon gallery and only posting the best new sunset, sunrise or moon photos to that gallery while those photos and the alternative takes get posted to the more specific galleries.

The photo on the right was taken at Big Meadows on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park on the morning of July third. The glow at the horizon comes from the valley cities of Harrisonburg and the waxing moon which had just set a few minutes before I took the photo. That is Jupiter glowing in the sky on the left side of the photo.

Farm Driveway as a Storm Gathers Over the Blue Ridge
I created a new gallery of my Spring Landscape photos which either didn't fit into the Flowers gallery or were somewhat lost amongst all the closeup and macro images in that gallery. Some of the images overlap with the Flowers and the Rivers & Stream gallery. Most of the photos are of scenes here in Virginia especially in or near Albemarle County and other picturesque spots in the Piedmont.

Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables
I came across these slides from a brief trip I took through the New Zealand in December of 1988 as I was on my wy home from meetings in Australia, and I used several of them on my personal Facebook page in the Quarantine Blues Buster Landscape photos. These Kodachrome originals were in pretty good shape, but the photos are mostly just snapshots. I want to go back to New Zealand with my current cameras and sufficient time, or at least more time, to capture more of its beauty.

While scanning in old canoeing and kayaking and other photos from my slides, I came across these slides from a brief trip I took through the Swiss Alps in 1983 as I was on my wy to take photos of the 1983 Whitewater World Championships in Merano, Italy. These Kodachrome originals were in really good shape, but I realize that I need to go back to the Alps now that I am a much better photographer.

Doubles Canoe at the 1978 Whitewater Slalom Championship
After some long ago photos were posted in the Whitewater Slalom Alumni Facebook group, I scanned some old slides and created the 1978 US Whitewater Slalom Championship gallery for my photos from that race on the Nantahala River. I also created another gallery of my photos from the 1978 Pre World Championships for Whitewater Slalom which were held at the end of that summer in Jonquiere, Quebec. I have been posting additional galleries like for the 1982 PanAm Slalom or the 1986 or 1987 Savage River Slalom races, and I will continue to dig through my slides and post some additional races in the coming days and weeks. Checkout the Whitewater page for links to all of my racing and other photos.

Since we should all be practicing social distancing, I created a gallery of some of my current and favorite Cherry Blossom photos, so you don't have to break your quarantine or exposure yourself to the crowds the DC goverment is discouraging from congregating at the Tidal Basin..

I added some new photos to the Sun and Moon gallery from the sun and moon rises or sets both in DC and up in Shenandoah National Park over the last few days and weeks.

I have trimmed the Yellowstone Winter 2019 gallery down a little bit. I also have created a separate gallery with just the Lamar Valley Wolf Photos and some text describing the encounter.

I created a new gallery that contains just my C&O Canal photos which were getting overwhelmed by the other entries in the Rivers & Streams gallery or didn't quite fit in the Great Falls gallery.

Remember to check out my Farmington Hunt Club galleries for current and past photographs of Farmington Hunt Club meets and other events.

Kayaker at the 2019 Whitewater Slalom Championship
It was fun to take photos at the 2019 US Whitewater Slalom Championship races at Dickerson on October 5th. I hope to get more pictures and future slalom races, especially where I can get closer to the water to get a better angle. I hope you will enjoy those photos as well as the photos from Friday's slalom practice.

Boot print in lunar soil on the Washington Monumnent
I created a gallery for the photos I took at the Smithsonian's wonderful Apollo 11 50th Anniversary celebration at and on the Washington Monument. I was there for both the second and third showings on July 20th, and in the second showing, the vertical image in my gallery, the famous bootprint photo was actually projected just three seconds off the actual time.

I created a new gallery with the photos I took of three kayakers enjoying the O'Deck wave at Great Falls on June 30th. For most of the photos, I used a slow shutter speed (about 1/30th of a second or slower) to allow the water to blur, while I also tried to get the kayakers at the right spots on the waves where their bodies would be relatively still. After taking these photos, and the ones of the heron I added to the Great Falls gallery, I think I am going to keep the beast of the 200-500 zoom lens at least until I can get the 500 PF, which weighs a lot less.

I have added some additional images and updated the order in several galleries including the Sun and Moon, New, DC, Great Falls, and Rivers & Streams galleries.

I added a new gallery with some of the photos I have taken at the Univeristy of Virigina over the years. I will add more photos to that gallery soon.

Website Updates

I've made some changes to the shopping cart. You can now get the form to add a photo to your shopping cart directly from the popup window that opens when you click on an image thumbnail. The form will open when you click on the "Buy a Print / Copy" button, and the form doesn't take you to the shopping cart page after you've added the photo. Let me know what you think.

If you are still having problems with the shopping cart, you can always send me an email with a list of your favorite photos, and the size(s) you wish to purchase.

Several people have asked questions like, "What (shutter speed, aperture, lens) did you use for this photograph?" Now, you can find the answer if you click on the "Camera Info" button when you click on a photo thumbnail to get the zoomed in view, and if it is one of my newer, digital images.

Let me know what you think of those changes or if you discover any new bugs.

All of the URLs on my site should now be a lot easier to remember and share. Instead of the old format with the gID=XXX in the URL, you should now be able to simply enter a URL like www.CathySummers.com/2017-NVSL-All-Stars to find the photos I took during the NVSL All Star meet, or www.CathySummers.com/Abbott-Lane-Foxes to see the photos of the foxes who used to live in my backyard. You can always use the Gallery Search page to find a gallery by name or part of a name.

If you login when you start your visit, you can now mark photos as your favorites, and then you can look at all of your favorite images on a separate gallery page. I hope this will really help those of you trying to collect images from multiple galleries as you try to decide which one to purchase. Once logged in, you will see "Your Favorites" as the first item in the "Your Galleries" menu.

The Framed Prints gallery now allows you to look at zoomed in photos of all the framed prints I currently have and are ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

I have added a limited search capability to the gallery pages. You can now filter the images in a gallery by how I have rated the photos, if you want to see which ones I think are the best, and you can search for keywords if, for example you just want to see my rose photos without looking at the other flower images. Please let me know what you think of this change, or contact me with other suggested improvements.

Remember to follow my Facebook page for additional updates including previews of images that I add to the galleries here. See the button below.

Swim Photos

Lee Graham Parents, I have posted the photos I took at the June 29th and July 20th home meets and before the start of the Progressive Dinner. Please contact me if you need your login credentials.

Swimming is a highly photogenic sport with water flying off the swimmers' hands or cascading down over their faces, or with the distortions provided by the water, and sometimes I think the pictures can be enhanced with various effects in Photoshop, so I created the Swimmers as Art gallery to showcase some of those treatments and otherwise dynamic images. (If you have a favorite photo of your swimmer, contact me if you want to see if I can apply any of those transformations.)

I have enjoyed taking photos at the indoor swim meets over the years, but now that Elena is through with High School swimming and moving on, I won't be taking photos during High School or USS meets in the future. I will leave the photos that I have taken up on this web site for a while, and I will be happy to sell you prints or electronic copies.

If you are a Lee Graham Swim or Dive Team parent, please contact me me to gain access to those galleries.

If you are looking for the photos I have taken at some of the High School swim meets, you can try the Gallery Search to find the gallery. Contact me if you need the gallery password.

With Elena now too old for swimming in NVSL meets, I will not be as tied to Lee Graham pool on my summer mornings. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing having me do your team photos.


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