The images on this web site are for sale. I have separate prices for:

I also have some other prices for other circumstances, which you will see when you click on the "Buy a Print" button when viewing the photo.

The easiest way to see the price for a specific photo is to click on the "Buy a Print" button when viewing the photo.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the prices or the availability of different sizes or specialty items.

All purchases are backed by my personal guarantee of your satisfaction.If you are not pleased with the printed image(s) you receive, you may return the image(s) to me no-questions asked within six months, and I will give you a full refund.

Fine Art Prints

Print SizePriceMatting FeeFraming Fee
16 x 24 inch Print (on 17x25 paper)137.50125.00300.00
15x22.5 inch Print (on 17x25 paper)132.00125.00300.00
17 x 25 inch Print (Borderless Print)137.50NA300.00
12 x 18 inch Print (on 13x19 paper)82.5075.00275.00
11 x 14 inch Print (on 13x19 paper OR Borderless)62.5060.00225.00
10 x 15 inch Print (on 13x19 paper)60.5080.00225.00
8 x 10 inch Print (on 11x14 paper OR Borderless)55.0045.00175.00
5 x 7 inch Print (on 8x10 paper OR Borderless)38.5030.00125.00

  • Image sizes are approximate, and the displayed image area may be smaller than the nominal size to accomodate the composition.
  • Images printed as squares, for example a 12x12, cost the same as the corresponding rectangular print, in this example the 12x12 print would cost the same as a 12x18 print.
  • Matted prints are normally produced with a single 6 or 8 ply, photo white or natural white conservation quality mat.
  • Framed prices are for a standard metal or painted wood frame with archival, UV filtering, glass or plexiglass. Non-glare UV filtering glass or plexiglass is an option at no additional charge. All hanging hardware is included.
  • Virginia residents are subject to a 6% sales tax on all purchases.

You can choose to add pictures to your online shopping cart while you are browsing the galleries.You can send me an email,or give me a call with the name of the image and the size you are interested in purchasing. 

Personal Image Prices

So you've found a picture of yourself, a family member or a friend in one of the Fox Hunting or other galleries, and now you want to order a print or two. Here are the prices for prints from those galleries.

Print SizePrice (Qty = 1)Multiple Price (Qty > 1)Matting FeeFraming Fee
4 x 6 inch Print (Borderless)7.504.50NANA
4x6 ePrint (960x1440 pixel file)7.50NANANA
5 x 7 inch Print (on 8x10 paper OR Borderless)22.0016.5030.00125.00
5x7 ePrint (1500x2100 pixel file)25.00NANANA
8 x 10 inch Print (on 11x14 paper OR Borderless)37.5022.5045.00175.00
8x10 ePrint (2400x3000 pixel file)40.00NANANA
11 x 14 inch Print (on 13x19 paper OR Borderless)50.0032.5060.00225.00
10 x 15 inch Print (on 13x19 paper)50.0032.5075.00225.00
12 x 18 inch Print (on 13x19 paper)65.0045.0080.00275.00
16 x 24 inch Print (on 17x25 paper)82.5055.00125.00300.00
15x22.5 inch Print (on 17x25 paper)82.5055.00125.00300.00
17 x 25 inch Print (Borderless Print)82.5055.00NA300.00

  • I classify certain images from the Fox Hunting and other galleries as Fine Art Prints. The shopping cart will show the correct price when you click on the "Buy a Print" button.
  • Image sizes are approximate, and the displayed image area may be smaller than the nominal size to accommodate the composition.
  • Additional print price is valid when the additional print(s) is(are) ordered at the same time, and the price will change in the shopping cart.
  • Prints are matted on conservation quality backing board with a single acid free mat.
  • Prices for a bassic metal or painted wooden frame and a single white mat. Prices may be higher for more involved framing jobs or ones using more expensive frames and mats. While I guarantee customer satisfcation, additional framing expenses for custom framing jobs may not be fully refundable.
  • ePrints: Consider purchasing an ePrint if you want to make multiple copies of a photo or use it in other ways. With the ePrints, you can make as many copies as you want for your personal use.

Please check out the examples of using several images to build a photo collage. I will work with you to select the best group of images and arrange them on a single sheet of my fine art quality paper for a long lasting momento.

Portrait Session Prints

Please check out the portrait services pages for the special pricing available for those customers.

Remember that the correct price will show up in your shopping cart if you buy prints from a portrait session gallery.

Publication Rights

I do not have set prices for use of my images in editorial or commercial use. Please contact me to discuss your needs and how you would like to use my image, and we will see if we can find a mutually acceptable agreement for the publication rights.

Updated 10/10/2017