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Standard Sizes, Options and Prices
(Square and other aspect ratio images are printed on the closes matching size.)
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Print SizePrice (Qty = 1)Multiple Price (Qty > 1)Matting FeeFraming Fee
11x14 Athlete & Team Photo Collage (on 11x14 paper)30.0020.0060.00225.00
12x18 Athlete & Team Photo Collage (on 13x19 paper)32.5022.5075.00275.00
15x22 Athlete & Team Photo Collage (on 17x25 paper)40.0030.00125.00300.00
4 x 6 inch Print (Borderless)6.004.00NANA
4x6 ePrint (960x1440 pixel file)7.50NANANA
5 x 7 inch Print (on 8x10 paper OR Borderless)12.508.2530.00125.00
5x7 ePrint (1500x2100 pixel file)17.50NANANA
8 x 10 inch Print (on 11x14 paper OR Borderless)20.0015.0045.00175.00
8x10 ePrint (2400x3000 pixel file)30.00NANANA
11 x 14 inch Print (on 13x19 paper OR Borderless)25.0015.0060.00225.00
10 x 15 inch Print (on 13x19 paper)30.0013.7580.00225.00